Now, about us...

Janet continues 
accumulating weird things and she refuses to stop. Her assortment of oddities 
has grown over the decades into a one-of-a-kind collection that defies logic. Now, for the first time ever, her strangest possessions are presented for public viewing!
Do you dare take a spin on the Wheel Of Death? It's 100% Guaranteed to predict how you will die...OR YOUR MONEY BACK!(Consult Physician before spinning. Results not valid in West Virginia)
Many of our exhibits are
"Hands-on." However, we ask our guests (that means you) to be gentle; Most of Janet's Weird Stuff is either very old, hand-made, or extremely rare!
Our average visitor spends forty-nine minutes and twenty-seven seconds in the Curiosity Museum. But you were never average, were you? Take your time meandering through over 80 exhibits, including the Dreaded Chinese Death Cage, Vintage Stereoscopic Viewers, our Padlock Picking Challenge, and much, much more! Take as many photos and videos as you like! 
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Written descriptions tell the strange tales of our exhibits. Guests who have difficulty reading or who don't like reading won't enjoy our museum experience.